Y&A possesses expertise in a wide range of accounting and consulting areas. As a result, we are able to provide assistance to our clients in all stages of their business cycle, from start-up to expansion to even the selling of the business.

Our services include:

Audit and Review

Y&A's signature on an 'audit report' attached to financial statements signifies we have conducted an audit of your organization's financial information and have expressed an informed opinion on the fairness of your financial information. Many small businesses and organizations do not require an audit as their reporting requirement needs can be met in other ways. Y&A's signature on a 'review engagement' signifies we have reviewed the financial statements in accordance with established professional standards. A review does not provide the same assurance as an audit. We will help you in determining which level of assurance you require.

Compilation and Bookkeeping

Y&A will prepare financial statements from information provided by you in situations where you do not require us to provide any assurance regarding such statements. We also provide any bookkeeping and accounting assistance you may require.

Personal Tax Planning and Preparation
Corporate Tax Planning and Preparation
GST Planning and Preparation
Estate Planning and Preparation

The structure of many corporate and personal transactions may result in different consequences and taxation. We can help you anticipate these tax issues and provide tax planning strategies to avoid possible undesirable outcomes. We can also assist you with all the necessary filing requirements and deadlines with the CRA (formerly Revenue Canada).

Business and Strategic Planning
Business Valuations
Business Acquisitions and Sales
Corporate Reorganizations
Employee Compensation Arrangements

From starting your own business to managing its growth, we can support you every step of the way. Through our business consulting services, we will help you evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. From there, we can develop a business strategy that will best fit your business. This can include helping you reorganize your corporate structure, financial planning for company growth, and providing business valuations.

Retirement and Financial Planning
Financial Analysis
Family Trust

Computer Systems Support
Litigation Support
Shareholders Agreements

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